The Focus On Creators campaign has prepared the following joint letter to Minister of Canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez.


To the Honourable Minister Rodriguez,

We would like to extend our congratulations on your appointment as Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism. We welcome you to this position and are encouraged by your long commitment to advocating on behalf of creators and Canada’s cultural industries.

Focus On Creators is a coalition of Canadian musicians, songwriters, composers, music producers, authors, poets, playwrights, film and television composers, actors, screenwriters, directors, visual artists, and film and television producers – a creative class of artists and entrepreneurs that has defined this country. Focus On Creators was created in 2016 to bring focus to the artists’ perspective and highlight our vast contributions to Canadian cultural life and society.

To date, more than 3,700 Canadian creators have signed a letter urging the government to place creators at the heart of our country’s cultural policy.

Today, Canadians are consuming more digital content than ever before, and creators have led the shift – they have digitized their work, mastered the Internet, and worked to adapt to this new digital age. Yet while some of us have found success, too many others are being squeezed out of the marketplace. The middle-class artist is being eliminated from the Canadian economy. Full-time creativity is becoming a thing of the past.

Indeed, many of the laws and regulations that should allow creators to monetize their works and make a living are outdated. As a result, creators are not being adequately remunerated for the digital monetization of their work. Without urgent attention from government, thousands of Canadian creators will not be able to tell their uniquely Canadian stories – much less earn a reasonable living doing so.

There are two seminal opportunities occurring that provide the opportunity for you to stand up for creators: the ongoing Statutory Review of the Copyright Act led by the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, and the Remuneration Models for Artists and Creative Industries study undertaken by the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.

We know you understand the cultural significance of our work; we hope you also see its value and will work to support its crucial place in Canada’s economy. Focus On Creators looks forward to working with you in continuing to ensure that Canadian creators and cultural industries are placed at the heart of policy development and review.



cc The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada


If you are a member of Canada’s creative class, please add your voice by signing the letter below: