Focus on Creators is a call to action by Canadian creators. Canadians are consuming more digital content than ever before, and creators have led the shift – they have digitized their work, mastered the Internet, and become their own social media directors. Yet the laws and regulations that allow creators to exploit their works to make a living are now out of date. Without urgent attention from government, thousands of Canadian creators will not be able to tell their uniquely Canadian stories.

Making a living as a creator has become too hard:

  • Creators are generally worse off today than they were in the 1990s
  • The laws of the 1990s were designed to ensure that creators and technological innovators could thrive together in a digital ecosystem. However, those laws have ultimately resulted in more income and profit flowing away from creators to a concentrated technology industry
  • Creators have mastered the necessary digital tools, and are using all available means to monetize their work, but still struggle to earn an adequate living. The creative middle class has all but disappeared
  • Both the ongoing 2018 Copyright Act Review and the study on Remuneration Models for Artists and Creative Industries undertaken by the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage provide opportunities for Minister Rodriguez to put creators at the heart of changes to these policies

If you are a member of Canada’s creative class, please add your voice by signing the letter below: