Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology announces plans for travelling sessions as part of the review of the Copyright Act

Last week, the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology announced plans to hold formal hearings and public, open-mic sessions in five cities across Canada as part of the statutory review of the Copyright Act.

In addition to hearing testimony from creators, stakeholders, and legal experts in Ottawa, the committee will travel to the following cities:

Monday, May 7 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tuesday, May 8 Montreal, Quebec
Wednesday, May 9 Toronto, Ontario
Thursday, May 10 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Friday, May 11 Vancouver, British Columbia

Interested parties can submit a request to appear at the formal hearing portion of the sessions by emailing the Committee at The Committee notes that due to volume of requests, they cannot guarantee that every individual or organization that requests to appear will be accommodated.

The open-mic sessions will take place in the evenings, and are primarily dedicated to individuals speaking in their own capacity.

Additionally, Canadians can participate in the process by submitting a written brief, containing less than 2,000 words, by email to the Committee at

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